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Letterpress and Book Arts Related

www.tiro.com/journal.html Here is an excellent essay about one of the main purposes of letterpress: supporting poetry. All those interested in fine press printing should read this essay by W. Thomas Taylor.

http://www.manifoldmedia.com/ Some new friends I met at the ATF conference 2002—Dan and Julia at Golgonooza Press and Typefoundry—Manifold Media made a documentary about them. This is a great film, especially for those that want to see punch cutting, printing, and bookbinding in action.

www.califiabooks.com. Califia sells fine press and limited edition books, give them a visit.

Arion Press is one of the places I visited while in San Francisco about two years ago, a historic fine press outfit whose future is now secure in their new digs at the Presidio. www.arionpress.com

Don't forget to oil your C&P http://www.classicalgraphics.com/printing/oil_chart.htm


Of course where would I be without Blake? www.blakearchive.org

A segment on NPR about Copper Canyon Press—a non-profit that publishes only poetry—and their beginnings as letterpress printers/publishers. http://discover.npr.org/features/feature.jhtml?wfId=850608. I just got a new book from these guys which has quickly become one of my favorites: Look for the poetry of Rolf Jacobsen, a Norwegian poet. www.coppercanyonpress.org

Design Related

Dung Hoang (Dung pronounced like "Yoong" as in Carl Jung) is an excellent illustrator. See his great experimental site at www.visualtheory.com or his original contact site at www.shaolinfury.com

Typography—Lead & Digital & Environmental

Here is a way cool article in FontShop's printed and digital type magazine about poetry and place. Some folks in England have created a poetry park with metal letters, rock, concrete, cut stone, etc. All this is much akin to the architectural quality in letterpress and the book arts. Check it out at www.fontmag.com.

Jared Benson, a friend, has put together a great site about type and type design. www.typophile.com

Lars Bergquist at Timberwolf Type, based out of Sweden, makes excellent digital typefaces and has some great hiking photos on another site of his; check out all the links. www.timberwolf.a.se/

General Interest

For all you programmers out there check out my excellent friend's website www.hungry.com

You've got to check out Phil Borges' photography of the Tibetan people called "Tibetan Portrait" www.philborges.com

And we thought we were the only ones with sexy machinery! http://www.sexymachinery.com/ Apparently this is a new, exploratory magazine—I read about it somewhere. Pretty minimalist site!

"Wings of Desire" by Wim Wenders, one of my favorite films, is coming out on DVD early July: celebration! Read more intellectual stuff about it at: http://imv.au.dk/publikationer/pov/Issue_08/POV_8cnt.html






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