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Letterpress printing up to sheet size 18.75x28
—Two week turnaround time from the moment we get your files and any specially ordered paper or other materials.

Design, Layout & Editing of books and journals for letterpress or offset
—MA English


Because every project is unique and different we can't post any set pricing. We have found through experience that it is beneficial for the client to contact us early on in the design process so that we can help guide design decisions like paper choices and design considerations for this unique print medium.

Designs must be constructed with letterpress in mind: everything involves line art and type. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. Our plates can hold at least a 150 line screen, for example; but, to get good print quality on uncoated paper we might recommend 50 LPI, for instance.

Please email us with the following specifications:

1. The files to be printed in Quark 3.3 or 4.1, Illustrator 8, Photoshop 5.5, or send a rough in PDF format [a jpg would also work]. This is the best way for us to be able to furnish you with an accurate quote.

2. Finish size

3. Quantity

4. Paper

5. Date Needed

6. # Colors + PMS

7. Any finishing=die cutting, scoring, folding, hand tearing of paper, etc.

8. Your name, phone, email, and fax

phone 801-377-1310 9am–6pm Mon.–Fri. MST.

fax 501-325-1737




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