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The biggest news is that we had photos of two invitations I printed in Martha Stewart Weddings Fall 2004 issue on pages 210 & 213.

Some big news: I'm going to have photos of two our invites in an article on Letterpress printing in the next issue of Martha Stewart Weddings slated to hit the newstands Oct. 4th. We should have a little blurb in the "resource" section in the back.

Had a great time at the American Typecasting Fellowship in Terra Alta, West Virginia. Here's a few pictures from the event. Basically, its a bunch of "metal heads" getting together talking about type.

I'm in the brown shirt kneeling in front on the right.


Friends from ATF: Ian, Rebecca, Chris.


I have decided not to rent the new building after all, but have moved across town. My phone number is the same. I also have a PO Box now: PO Box 503 Provo, Utah 84603-0503.

I've updated the website slightly, changing my email address that has been bouncing back to clients. Spam email has been taking up precious storage space! Arrgghh. I've taken some steps to remedy this and will be taking more soon. My email address bryce@bjornpress.com will still work, but bjorn@xmission.com is a little more reliable.

I have been accepted to Monotype University at Rich Hopkin's place in West Virginia and will be taking a week off August 10-17 to learn how to use the Thompson typecasting machine. My Koike is basically an improved Thompson. Not much else is happening with the Koike because I'm trying to survive like the rest of us; printing keeps me busy; and, I need to get a 3-phase power converter purchased and hooked up to the Koike.

I just called the freight company about the Koike and it looks like it made it on the boat and should hit the Western Seaboard on Saturday.

A couple weeks ago we purchased a mint condition Koike Typecaster [the Japanese version of a Monotype Thompson] and are awaiting its arrival from Hawaii so we can start casting type and add "and typefoundry" to our name. Our goal is to cast up large quantities of a house face and also offer the extra type for sale. The typecaster is coming with holders for foundry/Monotype flat mats, Linotype, and Ludlow. If you know of any sources for mats let me know—I'm on the hunt.